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Windows 7 PCs will no longer receive security updates after January 14, 2020. Migrating to new devices with Windows 10 Pro is easier than you may think. The OS is intuitive for users familiar with Windows 7 or 8, and is compatible with 99% of Windows 7 apps.

Small business owner reveals benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 Pro.

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Make the shift today and be ready for anything with Windows 10 Pro



Less disruption

Security events requiring IT intervention are reduced or avoided by 33% with Windows 10.  99% of all Windows 7 applications run on Windows 10 Pro.


Less Cost

A PC which is 4+ years old has 3.5X likely chance to be repaired resulting in 98 hours of productive time lost. The total cost of owning a 4+ year old PC is £1,300, enough to replace with one or more newer PCs.


Less inefficiency

A new PC with Windows 10 and 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor has up to 2x1 faster multitasking and up to 80% better performance compared to Windows 10 running on a four-year old laptop.


Less Risk

ThinkShield works across all Windows 10 Products to provide the most comprehensive protection for security breaches, which are the #1 concern of all C-level executives.

Top Reasons to make the shift today:



More Savings

Claim up to £300 trade in value on selected Lenovo devices.

Terms and conditions apply 


More Performance

Faster, thinner, lighter devices that bring out the best in Windows 10 Pro and feature heavyweight processing, storage, displays, and battery


More Productivity

Ready for work, these modern devices powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors come with Office 365 Business Premium already installed.


More Connectivity

Dual-band WiFi, 4G LTE-A and more


More Security

ThinkShield protection for data, device, identity and online, through encryption, high-end biometrics, authenticators, remote maintenance and other secure features by design.


More Quality and Durability

Carbon fibre housings, ruggedized hard disk drives, MIL-SPEC durability, AMOLED shatter-resistant displays, spill-resistant keyboards.

Windows 10 Pro
means business.

Windows 10 Pro devices provide you the powerful essentials you need for your business PCs—more security features, enhanced control, and robust and innovative devices—and help stretch your resources to get more done.

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And, let’s not forget, beating the Cyber Criminals

ThinkShield works across all Windows 10 Products to provide the most comprehensive protection at a time when the number of cyberattacks is increasing every day. Find out how it keeps your clients data and identity safe, online and off.

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