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Poly Unified Communications Headset Solutions

Your office workers deal with all kinds of distractions that can bring work to a screeching halt. Help them tune it all out with a headset that’s specifically designed for the open office.

With active noise canceling + noise blocking technology, they won’t hear the woo-hooing behind them—and neither will people on the other end of the call. Plus, these headsets are designed for all-day comfort. Less fidgeting. More focus. Peril averted.

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Poly Headset - Voyager 4220 UC mobile headset Binaural Head-band Black Wireless

With the choice of stereo or mono, crystal-clear audio, wireless freedom, and the ability to switch seamlessly between mobile phone and PC, Voyager 4200 UC Series helps you be more productive and enriches your voice communications experience.

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Poly Headset - Blackwire 3220 Binaural Head-band Black

Offering PC wideband, a noise-canceling microphone and hi-fi stereo sound (models C3220/C3225), Blackwire 3200 headsets provide a signature truly outstanding audio experience — ideal for voice, music, and multimedia.

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Poly Headset - VOYAGER 5200 UC

Be ready to take the call, wherever you’re connected. The Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth headset offers our most advanced, adaptive noise canceling with WindSmart technology to reduce disruptive noise. It’s ready to work.

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POLY Savi 7210 Office Headset Head-band Black

Give everyone more freedom to move
Count on compatibility with over 800 phones
Watch style and comfort lead to better adoption
Save power by auto-adjusting signal strength

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