Premium Audio for Speech & Lectures

Sennheiser presentation solutions are fit for miscellaneous demands and room scenarios. They offer a high degree of flexiblity and ease-of-use. After all, you must be able to focus on the essential: your message. Since the solutions are optimised for speech applications they guarantee superior speech intelligibility. Even in continuous use you can count on the reliability of our components. 




Perfect understanding amoung all attendees

Meetings with attendees residing in other locations and foreign countries, telephone conferences held from mobile offices, communication with investors and the press - all this is an integreal part of the modern working life. In order to convey all the information in spite of long distances or vast audiences using the right equiptment is decisive. Whether for two-person meetings of big conferences with up to 400 discussion units: Sennheiser offers the ideal audio solution that makes sure every word will reach the audience or the interlocutor reliably and crystal clear. 


Make learning a sound experience

Sennheiser offer cutting-edge digital audio technology that enables universities to deliver the learning experience of the future to all students today. 

Sennheiser offer cutting-edge digital audio technology Play Video


Audio systems for guided tours

Do you have a lot to tell and huge ammounts of knowledge to convey? Sennheiser visitor guideance systems help you accomplish that acoustically, in many differnet ways. For the systems not only transport your voice to the visitor cripsand clear, they also enable multimedia applications and for assistive listneing. The combination of outstanding audio quality in any environment, ease of use, and flexible application has made our visitor guidance systems the acoustic benchmark worldwide. 


Audio systems for assistive listening

Information, moods, emotions: The human voice and music are able to convey a lot of things. Provided that they are being clearly understood. That's what Sennheiser systems for assistive listening are made for. They are our valuable contribution to the inclusion of people. To do this, we use all of our know-how in audiology, the science of hearing. After all, it's our global to connect people. Brining down barriers wherever possible is part of that. 


Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Sennheiser Control Cockpit is the central software for easy handling, control and maintenance of the entre SpeechLine Digital Wireless and evolution wireless G3 and G4 portfolio. The easy-to-use Sennheiser Control Cockpit provides a global overview of all network-enabled devices at all times. It shows all status information at a glance and makes setting adjustments for one of multiple devices at the same time very easy. 




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