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Revolutionise your data centre management and virtualisation capabilities with Cisco Storage Solutions.

Cisco Data Centre’s cutting-edge technologies transform your IT operations


Discover how Cisco Data Centre can streamline your IT operations to enable your business to scale, innovate and grow.

We’ll discuss your current challenges and barriers to growth, identifying your needs and requirements. In your consultation, our experts will help you to understand more about how Cisco’s Data Centre technologies enable businesses to manage their IT operations and leverage cloud computing effectively, reducing workload and saving money.

If you’re considering moving some or all of your applications to the Cloud, we’ll demonstrate how Vohkus can manage these projects and create a modern, streamlined IT environment through Cisco Data Centre solutions.

Partner with Vohkus for a smarter Data Centre.

cisco UCS servers

Explore Cisco’s range of UCS servers

Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers improve server performance, deliver scalable architecture and lower your TCO, whilst UCS C-Series Rack Servers address your workload and storage challenges. The UCS Management offered by Cisco futureproofs your business, as it’s built to accommodate innovation and growth.

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cisco servers

Become a data centre hero with Cisco

Learn how to become a data centre hero with this handy ebook, which takes you through a potential journey to mastering data centre management with Cisco automation and network switching.

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cisco UCS technology

Introducing the Cisco Hyperflex built on future ready architecture.

Based on Cisco UCS technology, Cisco HyperFlex™ Systems represent the next generation in hyperconverged infrastructure with a leap in technology that delivers the industry’s first complete end-to-end hyperconverged solution.

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Many growing businesses are looking to modernise their IT operations and manage their data centres more efficiently, to meet growing server demands and increased use of cloud computing. You need infrastructure that can adapt to match the speed of your business.

If you’re planning a large-scale digital transformation, to take the next steps in your growth, you need an innovative solution to simplify your infrastructure, accommodate scaling and drive operational efficiency.


Cisco Data Centre solutions offer market-leading technology for monitoring, managing and optimising your data centre, providing solutions for business looking for:

  • Simplified server infrastructure and data management
  • Scalability to accommodate increased demand and growth
  • Advanced data centre visibility
  • Flexible virtualisation capabilities
  • Cost-effective management of cloud computing


Simplified server architecture to drive operational efficiency

One of the keys to achieving operational efficiency is implementing infrastructure that has the intelligence, adaptability and automation capabilities to meet modern demands. Cisco’s Unified Computing System offers businesses increased operational efficiency, through its simplified server architecture.

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager provides unified, embedded management of all software and hardware components in the Cisco UCS. It accelerates your UCS deployments and increases your business agility and efficiency, while reducing risks.

Cisco UCS servers offer:

  • Simplified architecture
  • Unified management
  • Higher performance
  • Rapid scalability

Cisco Unified Computing boasts intricate infrastructure automation, with policy-based management for computing, storage, and networking. It preserves your data and ensures its integrity and availability across all lines of business, whether applications are virtualised or bare metal. You can achieve scaling from Terabytes to Petabytes in minutes.

Superior performance with simplified deployment


Cisco UCS B-Series Blade servers and S-Series Rack and Storage Servers are the future of data storage, helping businesses to become much more cost-efficient and agile with their IT operations and storage. The resulting savings in costs and resources include:

  • 38% less time spent on IT maintenance
  • 89% less unplanned downtime
  • A reduction in infrastructure costs by 46%


Modernise your data centre with next-generation Nexus 9000 switches

Cisco’s next-generation switches help to modernise businesses and revolutionise their virtualisation capabilities through automation. We’re in an era of cloud technology and agile IT solutions, which make the complex seem simple. Virtualisation has exposed many of the legacy networks' limitations. You can spin up virtual machines in a matter of minutes. Manual configuration of network devices can take days, weeks or even longer!

With the Cisco Nexus 9000 Series, companies are turning their data centre networks into modern, automated environments that deliver exceptional application performance and effective IT operations. These switches provide organisations with architectural flexibility, advanced programmability, real-time visibility and telemetry, greater scalability, and high availability. Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches provide the foundation for the Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and deliver savings in capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx) to achieve an agile IT environment. All switches can operate in standalone mode. Many also support ACI. Our Cloud Scale ASIC is available across both modes. You can bring Cisco Services in to provide the resources, skills and knowledgeable guidance needed for your Cisco Nexus 9000 Series implementation.

Expand your IT infrastructure’s flexibly and scalability
with Cisco’s hyperconvergence solutions


hyper-flex-newComputing has entered a new age with convergence, hyperconvergence and cloud-based systems management. Engineered on the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), Cisco HyperFlex delivers the agility, scalability and pay-as-you-grow economics of the Cloud, with the benefits of on-premises infrastructure.

The solution offers rapid scalability and industry-leading performance, combines compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection into a single appliance. You can deploy HyperFlex in under an hour and start managing things via a widely-adopted and familiar toolset.

Cisco HyperFlex benefits:

  • Flexibility to coexist under the same Fibre Interconnects (FIs) for both converged and build-your-own infrastructures, with third-party storage arrays
  • Pay-as-you-grow, scale-as-you-go with a subscription-based software model
  • Adaptive infrastructure
  • Independent scaling of compute, storage, performance and capacity
  • Highest growing Business Computing Architecture in the market currently
  • Substantial UCS install base to target for refresh/transition
  • SAP HANA ready
  • Multiple customer references in Legal, Finance, Housing and the public sector, among others

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the next step in the evolution of IT infrastructure. Cisco is driving rapid HCI innovations and has delivered high-performance component options, intuitive management enhancements and new enterprise data protection and security features. HyperFlex is leading the way in hyperconvergence technology.


How Vohkus can help you implement Cisco Data Centre Solution

Expand your IT infrastructure’s flexibly and scalability with Cisco’s hyperconvergence solutions

Cisco HyperFlex benefits:

  • Enable faster decision-making with quick, effective and efficient collaboration.
  • Help teams to works closer together, wherever they’re based
  • Educate and train staff and customers without the need for in-person interaction
  • Improve workplace productivity and flexibility to work outside ‘regular’ hours
  • Reduce legacy telephony and conferencing maintenance costs
  • Minimise risk by increasing security and decreasing breaches
  • Give you access to expert advice to encourage fast adoption across the business
  • Simplify business processes and remove inefficiencies
  • Centralise support to resolve collaboration issues wherever they occur

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As a leading Cisco Premier Partner, Vohkus offers the best Cisco solutions and services, with access to experienced technical support and training, to deliver intelligent and integrated Cisco support solutions to meet your data centre networking needs. Vohkus has a proven track record of implementing and managing UC solutions. Our world class team of experts will help you to identify the right Cisco solutions for your needs and build a strategic business case for your project. We’ll support your migration and assist with system tuning.