Enhanced Financing Solutions by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Published 02-Jul-2018 15:06:59

Getting creative with your IT finance planning

Sometimes our customers spend months preparing project plans but find they can’t get budget for them. By considering finance from the outset Vohkus can help map your needs against a range of creative financing options involving our partners at HPE Financial Services.

Whether you’re struggling to upgrade legacy infrastructure, to speed up digital transformation, or need to adopt more secure and cost-effective in-house consumption models, financing the work can prove a showstopper. At Vohkus, we’re equally as adept at helping customers solve financial problems as we are technical ones.

In our experience HPE is able to tailor programmes around any customer requirements, so you get all the equipment, software and services you need in a way that gets buy in from both the CTO and the CFO. HPE’s range of finance solutions help you meet the demands of constant change, enabling you to adapt and respond faster to achieve business edge from technology.

  • Transformation funding to break the inertia caused by old, unsupported IT.
  • Help building in-house agile consumption models comparable to cloud economics.
  • Achieve the right financial outcome by enabling the right IT investment strategy.

What kinds of finance are available?

If you already have capex approval, there are great savings possible by changing to HPE FS. Switching to a monthly payment model could save up to 70% of capital in the first year alone, so that funding can be reallocated toward new business projects that you didn’t originally have budget for. And you’ll be able to conserve more cash for any unexpected situations that could arise.

Here are some examples of off-the-shelf HPE Financial Services programmes.

HPE IT Investment Solutions

Flexible payment solutions with options to return or own the equipment at the end of the term.

HPE Technology Refresh

A Technology Refresh programme replaces ownership with predictable monthly or quarterly payments, and provides for a shorter, routine refresh cycle every 24 to 48 months.

HPE Subscription

With HPE Subscription, you select a complete solution from pre-defined options that include best-in class compute, storage and networking hardware, software, accessories, and worry-free support services for a predictable monthly subscription fee. There’s no large, up-front purchase to make – just subscribe, use, return and renew.

There are also no worries about what to do with old equipment. If you need to expand then simply add more subscriptions.

HPE Pre-Provisioning

HPE Pre-Provisioning enables you to have pre-configured IT onsite, but payment won’t begin until activation. Simply select a roll out term (monthly or quarterly) based on your business needs. You only begin payment once activated, up to 12 months from shipment.

HPE Accelerated Migration

HPE Accelerated Migration can help you fast track data centre transformation with minimal disruption to the current environment. You can unlock the hidden value in your existing IT assets as you transition to new IT solutions. You can shift existing, owned IT assets to a flexible usage payment model during the transition and free up cash for new IT investment.

Vohkus and HPE can also arrange specialist transformation funding, and don’t forget that if you do need to retire old systems, HPE offers generous buy-back terms even for non-HPE equipment.

In fact, HPE Financial Services can help you secure almost anything, so don’t be afraid to ask how Vohkus can help.

Build a better plan with Vohkus

Vohkus consultants not only advise on accelerated deployments of hybrid IT, hyper converged infrastructures and more – but we also make sure you your project is financed in the most cost-effective manner available.

Talk to us about your current infrastructure and what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll suggest ways of maximising your budget in ways that will get the CFO rallying to your cause.

  • Break free of the financial deadlock created by old IT and accelerate the deployment of hybrid IT.
  • Help with choosing an IT consumption model that provides the agility and economics of cloud but with the security and control of running IT in house.
  • Help with identifying the right IT investment strategy to deliver the financial outcomes you need while providing access to the best IT for your business.
  • Monthly payment models that fit more into your budget.
  • Subject to conversation with Vohkus, finance can be pre-approved.

Working with HPE Financial Services we offer:

  •  Clear costs and terms – Your contractual terms and pricing are articulated upfront.
  • End-of-term alerts – We issue more than four months’ notice so you can make timely end-of-term decisions.
  • Online visibility – We provide 24/7 online access to your portfolio and billing details.
  • Data security – Data lives in many places. We help by securely removing any remaining data in your returned equipment.
  • Customised solutions – We structure the payment of your IT investments aligned with your business needs.

Get your IT fit for business. Request an illustrative quotation today to compare smarter financing options from Vohkus and HPE.



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