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Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – Redefining Productivity

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Welcome to the future of work and play with the all-new Microsoft Surface Pro 9. Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology and versatility in the palm of your hands. Here's why the Surface Pro 9 is your ultimate companion for unparalleled productivity and seamless creativity.

Includes Windows 11 Pro

Tailored for versatility, Windows 11 Pro empowers you and your team to work flexibly, regardless of location. Its robust built-in defences, such as advanced phishing protection and password less security, safeguard your data, enabling you to focus on your top priorities.

Advanced Exchange

Complimentary with your purchase, the Advanced Exchange program allows you to request a replacement Surface at no extra cost, without the requirement to return your faulty device beforehand. This perk is offered with specific Surface for Business devices bought at the Microsoft Store.

Device Deployment

Windows Autopilot simplifies and streamlines the complete device deployment journey, handling everything from IT setup to employee configuration. This delivers a quick, efficient and seamless experience for your workforce, minimising hassle.

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Sleek Design, Unrivalled Power.

Immerse yourself in the sleek and sophisticated design of the Surface Pro 9. With its ultra-thin profile and premium finish, this device effortlessly blends style with performance.Powered by the latest processors, the Surface Pro 9 ensures lightning-fast speed, making multitasking a breeze.

2-in-1 Flexibility

Versatility is at the core of the Surface Pro 9. Seamlessly transition from laptop to tablet or studio mode with the detachable keyboard and adjustable kickstand. Whether you're in a boardroom meeting or on a creative spree, adapt your device to suit your unique work style. 

Productivity Unleashed

Take your productivity to new heights with the Surface Pro 9. Run resource-intensive applications, switch between tasks effortlessly, and stay connected with lightning-fast connectivity options. The device is equipped to handle your work demands, from business presentations to creative projects.

Intelligent Pen and Touch

Bring your ideas to life with the Surface Pen which feels like a natural extension of your creativity. The responsive touch screen adds a new dimension to your work, allowing you to sketch, annotate, and navigate with precision.

Secured, Seamless Connectivity

Your data is your priority, and the Surface Pro 9 understands that. With advanced security features, including facial recognition and enterprise-grade encryption, your information stays protected. Stay connected on the go with the Surface Pro 9's fast and reliable Wi-Fi and LTE options.

Solutions for the modern workspace

Unleash Flexibility And Productivity

In a world that demands flexibility, the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is your answer. This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates power and portability, empowering you to tackle tasks with unmatched efficiency. Elevate your productivity with its lightning-fast performance, embrace your creativity through the versatile touch and pen capabilities, and redefine your digital experience with a stunning display and innovative features. Make the smart choice – choose the Surface Pro 9 as your companion in achieving new heights of work and creativity

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HP Hybrid User: Home & Hybrid Setup

HP EliteBook 840 G10
i5 13th Gen Intel® Core™, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 1080x1920

HP E24U G5 FHD Monitor
22.3” 16:9 1920 x 1080 FHD

Poly P5 Camera
720p, 1080p 4x Digital zoom USB Powered

Poly 360 Buds
In-ear, Bluetooth 5.3, USB-c, 5.5 hour talk time

HP 235 Wireless Mouse 
Full size, 235 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo

Dell Power User: Home Dock Setup

Dell Precision 5480
i7 13th gen Intel® Core™, 32GB RAM 1TB SSD

Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Monitor
3840 x 2160, 60 Hz, 16.9 kg

DELL Thunderbolt Dock
180W, 6 USB ports, 1 HDMI port

DELL Premier Wireless Headset
Wireless, Head-band, 15h Playback

DELL UltraSharp Webcam
Full HD, 60 fps, 5x zoon, Auto Focus

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Security peace of mind powers productivity for all

Vohkus helps you reclaim time, better align resources, and focus on strategic business outcomes. Remote work has changed the landscape, and cybersecurity attacks have rapidly evolved to take advantage, pulling IT decision makers away from their core mission and strategic initiatives. Our comprehensive solutions simplify vendor selection and management with the peace of mind of continuous reliability.

Solutions for the modern workspace

Windows 11 enables new experiences without compromising security


New devices with Windows 11 Pro raise the security baseline with requirements built into both hardware and software for protection from chip to cloud. These Secured-core PCs offer simplicity and significant security benefits at the firmware level. Protecting devices at the core with default protections can help secure data and access anywhere.


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Intel helps reduce the attack surface Intel vPro® with exclusive Intel® Hardware


New devices with Windows 11 Pro raise the security baseline with requirements built into both hardware and software for protection from chip to cloud. These Secured-core PCs offer simplicity and significant security benefits at the firmware level. Protecting devices at the core with default protections can help secure data and access anywhere.

Collaboration ensures teams that connect together, grow together

Solutions for the modern workspace

Streamlining Hybrid Work Environments


Vohkus helps you respond fast to new office environments Companies that recently implemented a hybrid work model find themselves in need of in-office collaboration solutions, adding another duty for IT teams managing a dispersed workforce. Vohkus’ collaboration solutions are designed for technology-enabled hybrid work, including end-to-end IT enablement with comprehensive global services for the entire technology lifecycle.


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We can showcase solutions that measurably cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste, and/or reduce energy consumption across your business.

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