Wired or wireless, LAN or WAN. Add value from your digital network.

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Published 16-Jun-2017 10:16:28
Wired or Wireless, Lan or WAN

Networking and connectivity have witnessed some of the fastest technological changes of recent years.

Demands for instant, always-on mobile access, unified communications and new business services have pushed legacy systems to their limits. The results are fragmentation, complexity and data protection compromises. Network managers are constantly battling with unreliable systems, while compliance officers are concerned about breaches. It’s a situation that’s unsustainable.

Network transformation transforms business

Achieving best network performance and robust security is always going to be a balancing act, but businesses understand that agility trumps everything. In the past, getting LOB heads to understand the importance of investing in network transformation was a challenge, but today’s technologies bring massive – and demonstrable – business value. And nobody understands how to harness that power better than Vohkus.

A fundamental shift

In most organisations network management historically means maintaining traditional wired networks and costly dedicated WANs while trying to add in modern Wi-Fi, mobile device management and security methodologies. Today’s solutions provide integrated, readily-scalable approaches, based around software-defined methods, digital network architectures, and comprehensive reporting and analysis. Whatever you need to connect, Vohkus can help you connect it.

The world’s leading vendors

Our partnerships include regular magic quadrant leaders like Cisco and HPE, whose product sets encompass LAN, WAN, WLAN and cloud-managed expertise. For robust connectivity we work with companies like BT and Vodafone, ensuring reliable, highly available network access wherever your employees need to work. If you need, help, we’ll even manage your network for you, making sure its fully optimised and suited to the tasks at hand.


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