AI and machine learning take cameras beyond security

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Published 25-Mar-2020 11:24:36

Remember when the mobile phone transformed how we use personal cameras? Now Cisco is using artificial intelligence to signal a revolution for the security camera. And it's great news for small and medium-sized businesses. What's more, can try the latest tech for free.

The world of old, expensive and hard-to-manage security cameras is coming to an end. That's a huge relief if you've ever spent hours trawling through videos — not to mention the hassle of installing kit, struggling through shoddy footage or discovering the whole camera system went down without anyone realising.

Cisco Meraki MV smart cameras are proving a game-changer. It's not just about improving security — the tech is opening up new possibilities with AI.

So what's so different about Cisco Meraki cameras?

Cisco's MV smart camera packs a lot into a simple package. Cameras come with their own high-endurance storage, removing the need for a network video recorder (NVR). This drastically simplifies installation (cabling or wireless), while eliminating a major network security vulnerability.

These cameras give you the last 72 hours of continuous footage, after which footage containing no motion is removed. Everything is available to view via your Cisco Meraki cloud-based dashboard (there's cloud-augmented edge storage too).

Within each camera, you'll find a powerful processor — like the one in your mobile phone. Not only do these enable high-definition video, they also support machine learning analytics.

For example, MV Cameras can be used as sensors to enable smart business decisions. You can detect objects within a frame and select areas of interest in a video stream. You could use a motion heat map to see what's happening over time — to gain business intelligence around usage, footfall, patterns, and trends. It's possible to count metrics down to the minute.

AI security cameras for virtually everyone

Already, dozens of organisations are discovering better security — and what's beyond.

In deepest Devon, Crediton Dairy produces dairy products, including milk and chilled coffee to the majority of supermarkets in the UK. Now Cisco Meraki AI security cameras have allowed their team to support their essential on-site health and safety as well as monitoring process controls. Watch the video to discover more.

Meanwhile, vehicle specialist Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs uses MV cameras to keep watch on its multiple locations where customers drop off or pick up vehicles every 15 minutes. Now their team are looking at how analysing motion detection tasks and improving number plate recognition will give them new business insights.

These AI cameras still provide security — but they do it better. An administration that runs two schools uses the tech to keep students safer and save time for staff. It took them only a weekend to install 180 cameras in stairways, parking lots, cafeterias, and all common spaces.

Now, if any incidents occur, teachers no longer have to become 'crime scene investigators' and check out conflicting stories from students. They can see what really happened in moments.

At another school, security guards, principals and administrators can view footage from their phones (with the correct permissions). Using the motion search tool, they can locate footage in minutes, rather than searching through hours of video.

You can now try Cisco Meraki MV cameras for free

It's time to eliminate the cost and complexity required by traditional security camera solutions.

The MV is managed through the browser-based Cisco Meraki dashboard and operates using a licensing model. There’s no need to purchase, download, and maintain any additional software. The dashboard ensures firmware updates and new features will continually roll out over the lifespan of the product, increasing the overall value.

And here's some even better news. For a limited time, you can now try Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras for free. Simply call our Vohkus team on 03456472090 or email us at Cisco will ship the technology to you and also provide technical support to get you up and running quickly.

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