Unveiling Citrix Customer Success Services

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Published 10-Mar-2017 16:10:05
Introducing Citrix Customer Success Services

Citrix have announced the launch of Customer Success Services, a new portfolio of three different packages that customers may choose from - Select, Priority, and Priority Plus.

We’re redefining support

With Citrix Customer Services you gain real-time access to expert guidance, which can assist you in best practices for planning new deployments, upgrades and migrations. Alongside this you get the use of exclusive tools, analytics, adoption insights as well as cloud services enabling proactive monitoring and issue prevention. This proactive approach reduces down time, and increases productivity. Citrix is always evolving with the market allowing you to achieve your business goals. With this award winning support, you have unlimited access to online training so you and your organisation can continuously build and develop your skills.

Vohkus Software & Licensing team express their opinion :

Citrix is evolving with the market to help their customers achieve higher levels of management, dynamism and agility. This new service portfolio is a much more customer-centric way of working, as opposed to the historic ‘we are here if you need us’ approach.


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