Dell Unveils Pioneering 8K Display

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Published 01-Feb-2017 18:48:49

It only feels like yesterday that the revolution of the 4K display was being introduced into the market. 

Since then, 8K displays have been popping up here and there, but these have mainly been proof of concept, rather than a completed product.

Now Dell has announced that its new leading edge display is not just an idea, or what they are planning to build ‘one day’, it is arriving in the market this year!

The first 8K-resolution monitor

The Dell UP3218K is the first 8K-resolution monitor we’ve heard of that is actually scheduled to go on sale. With 33.2 million pixels and PremierColour delivering consistent accurate colours, paired with InfinityEdge bezel, this display should provids the ultimate viewing experience.

However, with an ultimate viewing experience, comes a price tag to match. Priced at $5000, the Dell UP3218K will carry a heavy premium today because of how novel it is. But the thing to remember is that this 8K display is intended primarily for commercial fields such as graphic and video editing, medicine and diagnostic research, who want to achieve the ultimate display performance, and who have the budget to match.

Still, this shows that 8k is on the way - even if it is still going to be some time before the rest of us need it - or can afford it.


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