Are you taking risks with your employees?

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Published 25-Apr-2017 13:58:29

Considering the amount of time your employees spend at their desk or working out of the office, how comfortable are you that your business is taking the correct steps to ensure your employees are working safely?

1 in 3 European workers are suffering daily from ailments caused by working at a computer. 60% claim their productivity and performance has been either significantly or moderately affected as a result and 32% have had to take time off work - taking an average of 2 weeks off and costing businesses across Europe circa €73bn pa.

According to the latest statistics, European office workers spend on average 7 hours each day sat down working at a computer.

Have you employees recently taken a workstation assessment?

The law requires employers to carry out a suitable and sufficient analysis of their employees workstation for the purpose of assessing any health and safety risk to which the employee could be exposed to.

This doesn’t just apply to office based employees either. With businesses constantly changing and an increase in employees working at home or outside the office, a workstation risk assessment is just as important. By not having a workstation assessment policy or solution for your non-office based employees means they are just as much at risk of working with poor posture.

Your employees well-being shouldn’t stop at a workstation risk assessment. If health and safety issues are uncovered, they should be addressed, and equipment (if required) should be introduced to eliminate these risks.

The right solution from Vohkus

Fellowes and Vohkus offer innovative products that offer hygienic, functional, sturdy, adaptable and easy to maintain for multiple office environments.

Good health equals good business and good working habits are essential to good health. Create a healthy working environment for your team and improve their well-being as well as improving your bottom line.


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