IT Transformation Driven by Five Aspects of All-Flash Storage

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Published 08-Mar-2018 10:45:09
Five ways all-flash storage fuels IT transformation

Flash is the new normal thanks to its affordability, agility, speed and efficiency. Here are five ways All-Flash storage can
modernise your data center and accelerate your IT transformation.

1 | Faster performance 

Ensure consistently fast response times for mission-critical applications with 3x faster performance,1 ultra-low latency2 and sub-millisecond response times.3

2 | Higher availability

Maintain seamless operations with up to 99.9999% always-on availability4 and 24x7 VDI uptime.

3 | Massive scalability

One size does not fit all. Choose where you want to start, from entry-level to enterprise, and grow from there. Scale up
to 4PB with response times under 500 microseconds.5

4 | Low TCO and fast ROI

Keep IT expenses under control by reducing costs up to 80% over three years,6 along with 5.8x lower storage admin
costs7 and up to 50% lower CAPEX/OPEX.8 Lower your power, space and cooling requirements while storing 6x more
data than traditional disk-based storage systems.

5 | Easier deployment and management

Manage storage up to 8x faster9  in a fully integrated and optimised All-Flash converged infrastructure. Run backups
50% faster.10

Now is the time to make the move to All-Flash.

With the right combination of performance, price and density options, our broad portfolio puts flash within reach for any size organisation. Reduce storage costs and complexity with reliable, low-latency performance — discover how Dell EMC All-Flash storage solutions powered by Intel® can modernise your data centre today.

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