10 Reasons every executive needs a dual SIM

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Published 31-Jan-2017 18:31:40

Dual SIMs have been around for quite a few years, and as the name clearly points out, it is 2 SIM cards. 

But do you fully understand the benefits a dual SIM can have to you and your workforce? Have you ever considered dual SIMs within your business? Here's ten reasons why every mobile executive should shoul have a dual SIM:

  1. You have the ability to have two numbers at the same time
    The frustration of having to have two mobile devices is eliminated, now you can have two different phone numbers, linked to the same device.
  2. Travel internationally without having to swop your SIM
    With the benefit of having a local SIM and a travel SIM, you no longer have the added responsibility of having to change your SIM around. Your travel SIM card will be ready to go, as soon as you step foot in your designated country.
  3. Keep your work and personal life separate
    Have one SIM for your business and another for your personal life. With the intelligence of the dual SIM, you will be able to identify which line a call or text is coming through, allowing you to differentiate your work or personal activity.
  4. Choose the best network for overseas
    With the dual SIM, you are not tied to your local country network, which can be quite expensive when it comes to using it abroad. Choose the right network plan for you, for your usage when travelling.
  5. Get easily reimbursed for your work calls
    Nobody enjoys the time consuming task of having to crawl through their phone bill, highlighting which ones were work related, in order to be reimbursed through their expenses. With a dual SIM, that pain is taken away, you’ll be able to see exactly which calls and texts were from your work SIM, and which ones were from your personal.
  6. You are not locked to a network
    A huge benefit of the dual SIM is that you are not locked to a particular network giving you the freedom to choose the provider that works best for you. An added benefit for if your work requires a lot of overseas travelling as it means you can have one SIM for when you are local, and another for when you travel internationally, eliminating the worry of having to unlock your phone or buying a new one.
  7. Flexibility of two plans
    With a dual SIM you can mix and match the plans that are right for you. If you see a plan that is good for calls and text, and another that is good for data, you can sign up to both and make the most of each one.
  8. Maximise coverage
    With a dual SIM you maximise the chances of consistent coverage. You may be in a location where your coverage is stronger on one SIM, than the other, meaning you get the best chance of coverage when you need it.
  9. Never miss a call
    A dual SIM allows you hold a conversation on one line, and receive a call on the other. Simply place the first call on hold, and accept the incoming one, without it being forwarded to voicemail.
  10. Extra storage
    Having a dual SIM, means double the storage. Storage data on both SIMs or simply use one for backup

Technology that Travels

The HP Elite X3 offers a dual nano SIM card slot, allowing mobile executives to experience all of the above. 


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