How the HP Elite x3 can help eliminate MDM headaches

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Published 31-Jan-2017 19:11:13

At one time, we would have to wait years for an update in the latest technology. Now, we see technology habits changing on a daily basis. 

Mobility is playing a significant role in large and small businesses, meaning now more than ever our mobile device strategies need to be factored into future planning.

Did you know that 79% of employees already work outside the office? Mobile technology has changed the way we do business. For those who need to spend less time in the office, mobile technologies enable us to work from anywhere.

For larger businesses whose siloed teams are often spread across many different locations, the growth in the popularity of mobile working presents another layer of complexity and greater demand on pre-existing architecture. This, in turn, increases the demand placed on the IT departments. Ensuring that the information remote workers have the information they need in order to collaborate effectively now requires more than the traditional tools of email and telephone.

While the mobility trend has brought many benefits for remote workers – and shown an increase in cost savings and productivity to the business – for the IT department it has created a security headache and a struggle to support the fleet of devices.

Businesses must enable users to easily share data in and out of the office, with secure file sharing that’s integrated with backup.

How does the HP Elite x3 help?

The HP Elite x3 combines the power and productivity of a PC, the versatility of a laptop and connection of a smart phone, all in one sleek and secure device.

Utilising Windows 10 security at the same level as a PC, notebook or smartphone, the device allows IT departments to manage existing MDM solutions with ease. With enhanced security, fingerprint authentication and integrated hardware and software encryption, the HP Elite x3 helps eliminate the headaches the IT department would have to endure with other mobility solutions.

By combining three experiences into one device, this innovative new piece of hardware allows users to work in ways they’ve never been able to before. HP have simplified the delivery of virtualised desktop applications to mobile users, so they can get the job done wherever they need to be.

And all the while the IT department only has the pressure of managing one device, instead of three.


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