Vohkus-sponsored jet and rocket-powered car prepares for public debut

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Published 27-Sep-2017 10:30:54
Vohkus sponsored jet and rocket powered car - Bloodhound SSC

Land speed record holder will drive BLOODHOUND SSC at up to 200 mph

BLOODHOUND SSC, intended to be the first jet- and rocket-powered car to reach 1000 mph, will make its first ever public run on October 26 2017 at Cornwall Airport Newquay. Technology and service provider Vohkus is a BLOODHOUND SME sponsor, with an ethos closely aligned to the team’s ambitions.

BLOODHOUND SSC is the world’s most advanced straight-line racing car, and is equipped with an EJ200 jet engine sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon. Wing Commander Andy Green, current holder of the world land speed record, will drive the vehicle for the first time at the event. Thousands of visitors are expected to watch as he drives BLOODHOUND SSC at speeds of up to 200 mph on the 1.7 mile runway. The exercise is part of a vital test programme in advance of a new attempt on the record in South Africa, during which the car will reach 1000 mph powered by rocket systems.

“This project is a global engineering adventure that will inspire the next generation,” explained Tony Parraman of BLOODHOUND. “It involves cutting edge technology and first-rate teamwork, and puts innovation at the heart of what will be a world first. These are qualities that are shared by everybody at Vohkus, which was why we were delighted to welcome them on board.”

“At Vohkus we talk about helping clients get ahead, stay ahead, and achieve more,” said [Ritchie Sharma] of Vohkus, “and that’s precisely why we were attracted to BLOODHOUND. The project team are determined visionaries, and recognise that technology is a means to an end. The Vohkus mantra, that technology edge creates business edge, is perfectly in keeping with BLOODHOUND’s determination to win.”

vohkus sponsored jet and rocket powered car prepares for public debut

Richard Noble, BLOODHOUND’s project director, added, “The runway trials at Cornwall Airport Newquay will be the biggest milestone in the history of the project so far. They will provide important data on the performance of the car and give us a first opportunity to rehearse the procedures we’ll use when we go record breaking. Just as importantly, it is a way of saying ‘thank you’, to the schools, students, families and companies, big and small, who support the project. We are proud to be waving a flag for British skills and innovation on a world stage.”

The event: BLOODHOUND is Go!

BLOODHOUND SSC’s public trials take place between Thursday October 26 and Monday October 30 at Aerohub, Cornwall Airport Newquay, St Mawgan, Cornwall, TR8 4RQ. For more details visit the BLOODHOUND IS GO! event page, or bloodhoundssc.yourticketbooking.com to purchase tickets.

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The BLOODHOUND project involves the two most recent world land speed record holders. Richard Noble’s Thrust2 regained the record for Britain at 633.468 mph in October 1983, and ThrustSSC, driven by Andy Green, reached 714.144 mph in September 1997. The following month, Green became the first and only person ever to exceed the speed of sound at ground level, at 763.035 mph.

The project’s objectives are to:

  • Inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Share an iconic research and development programme with a global audience.
  • Set a new world land speed record of 1000mph (Mach 1.4).

Find out more at www.bloodhoundssc.com.


Vohkus is trusted advisor to many UK businesses and public sector clients, providing innovative technology and cloud solutions that create compelling competitive advantage. The company has been named in the Sunday Times International Track 200 and is a CRN Top 40 reseller.


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