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The Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series family at a glance

Solutions for the new era of intent-based networking




Cisco’s new Catalyst 9000 family of switches was built from the ground up to address the demands of mobility, cloud, IoT and security. It delivers unmatched security, programmability and performance by innovating at the hardware (ASIC) and software (IOS XE) layers.

Catalyst 9000 switches are a great way to get network digitisation under way. They constantly adapt to help businesses to solve new challenges and integrated security helps to address ever-changing threats. The game-changing switches simplify the management of your evolving mobility, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud requirements.


Cisco Catalyst 9200

Secure | Always on | IT simplicity

Catalyst 9200 switches include best-in-class security and segmentation, provide enterprise-level resilience and IT simplicity, meaning investment protection for future innovations. They are designed for simple branch/mid-market fixed enterprise access deployments.

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Cisco Catalyst 9300

Rapid access and fast aggregation

Catalyst 9300 switches are digital-ready with industry-leading scale for converged IoT networking. Simplify, secure and transform your cloud environment with unified access and improve operational efficiency. These switches are ideal for business-critical branch and campus environments where scale, security, resiliency and programmability are paramount. Fixed, stackable, Multigigabit, UPOE, up to 480 Gbps

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Cisco Catalyst 9400

Converge wired and wireless

The Catalyst 9400 series are modular access switches, built for security, IoT and the cloud. Modular, multigigabit, UPOE+/UPOE/PoE+, up to 9 TbpsThey deliver state-of-the-art high availability and form one of the building blocks for SD-Access. They are business-critical enterprise campus access and distribution. Modular, Multigigabit, UPOE+/UPOE/PoE+, up to 9 Tbps

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Cisco Catalyst 9500

High-density advanced services in a compact form factor

Catalyst 9500 switches are purpose built for the enterprise campus, and designed for IoT and cloud security, providing high-density advanced networking services. They are the leading fixed core/aggregation enterprise switching platform.

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Cisco Catalyst 9600

The future of networking campus core

Catalyst 9600 switches switches are purpose-built for resiliency at scale, providing comprehensive security and exceptional resiliency. These switches are the leading modular core/aggregation enterprise switching platform. Seamlessly integrate with full-stack programmability, from ASIC to OS, to support future innovation.

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Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points

Cutting-edge wireless access

Cisco Catalyst 9100 access points are adaptive, fast, intelligent and secure. They meet the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard beyond, offering 3-4 times the performance of 802.11 ac and up to 50% reduced latency to deliver better application performance. Enjoy increased density and connect more devices at higher throughputs. Catalyst 9100 access points are always connected, always dependable - even in challenging environments.

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Cisco Catalyst 9800 Controllers

The industry's most reliable & secure wireless controllers

Cisco Catalyst 9800 controllers offer the best of RF excellence with IOS XE benefits. Compatible with the Catalyst 9100 series access points, these highly-dependable and secure wireless controllers are ready to deploy anywhere, on-premises, in a public or private cloud or embedded on a switch.

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Deploying Cisco DNA

Deploying Cisco DNA strategically can reduce costs and complexity, thanks to increased automation and orchestration that responds to different situations.

Administrators can create policies around users, regardless of what device they are using. DNA learns which are the trusted employees, and automates access accordingly. Those employees that it perceives as less trusted get different permissions, and so on. Ultimately, policies are under the admin’s control, but beyond that a huge amount of manual work – with its consequent errors – is eliminated.

DNA learns, adapts, and predicts. From a security perspective, it protects based on what it sees, so that the more attempts are made to hack it, the smarter it gets at repelling those attacks.

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