Enhance Speed and Intelligence in Any Business with 6 Digital Tools

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Published 17-Apr-2018 13:23:26
6 Digital tools that can make any business faster and smarter

A business’ success can often rely on the abilities of its IT system. The more we use digital tools, the more management they demand, and the more can go wrong. With a succinct system, careful management, and consistent processes, any organisation can use their digital tools and business intelligence to become faster and smarter.

  1. 1. Cloud solutions

Traditional, on-premises data centres and storage take up a huge amount of space, and consume a lot of energy for both powering and cooling. Cloud services offer far more flexibility and can be even more reliable than a physical storage site.

With Vohkus cloud solutions, Vohkus can offer public cloud storage, a scalable shared environment, or even a private compute, storage and network environment, exclusive to your business. All private and shared hosting options are manageable 24/7, based in the UK, and operating to ISO/IEC 27001 security and tier III uptime standards.

  1. 2. Automation

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) analysed 335 data incidents over a 2 month period, and found 175 of these were caused by ‘human error’. If access permissions are loose, it’s more likely your organisation could be involved in a costly data breach.

Automating basic processes like email marketing and data capture can minimise the need for human intervention, as well as keep a strict, detailed record of what data was accessed where, and for what purpose. This is also essential for May’s GDPR deadline - as long as automation is ‘transparent’, and has an approval hierarchy, it complies with GDPR.

  1. 3. Repurposing IT assets

Making alterations and adjustments to your existing assets can save a considerable amount of money. Vohkus provide a central point of contact between the customer and their vendors, making asset management and capacity planning much simpler. We track, maximise the use of, and repurpose digital assets to streamline your processes and service.

We helped a professional healthcare body with 49,000 members to simplify their complex IT environment and reduce operational costs. They consolidated their resources into one contract and saved £500,000.

  1. 4. Disruption reduction

Slow responses and IT breakdowns can cause a lot of problems for businesses, no matter what their size. A recent, notable example is the cyber attack which affected NHS hospitals and GPs in 2017. They were “ordered to upgrade...outdated computer systems” to prevent another attack.

Real-time alerts, events and notifications allow Vohkus to take action immediately when a system roadblock forms. General ‘housekeeping’ and patch management make sure automated responses run smoothly, and the root causes of delays are tackled before they happen again.

  1. 5. Vulnerability testing

Many businesses don’t realise their digital vulnerabilities until it’s too late. The ICO regularly take action and issue penalties to businesses that haven’t sufficiently protected personal data, so if a breach occurs because of preventable vulnerabilities, it’s your business’ fault.

Vohkus worked with Aldwyck Housing Group to test the vulnerabilities of their web app and satisfy internal audit requirements. We identified a connectivity issues with one of Aldwyck’s service providers and provided a full audit of their web app’s security level. After their ‘clean bill of health’, Aldwyck have been able to show their clients, partners, and suppliers they’re trustworthy and compliant.

  1. 6. Reliable suppliers

As well as contactability, capabilities, and the all important price, alignment is a really important factor to consider in a supplier. How well will they slot into your current systems and how easily will they make your processes faster and better.

At Vohkus, we know it’s often not practical to throw everything out and start again, so we communicate with suppliers on your behalf. We’ve got a pool of fast, reliable, flexible and experienced resources we’ve already screened and tested. They work on-site or remotely, and can implement solutions within your budget.


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