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Achieve new levels of productivity with a modern desktop

In this blog, we look at why organisations hoping to ...

Life after GDPR

The scramble for data privacy We’ve all been caught up ...


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Achieve new levels of productivity with a modern desktop

In this blog, we look at why organisations hoping to boost productivity should move to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365 and Surface.. 

Topics: workspace security Microsoft microsoft surface

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Life after GDPR

The scramble for data privacy We’ve all been caught up in the flood of data privacy emails in recent weeks as companies have scrambled to make sure their mailing lists have been positively opted ...

Topics: security gdpr Vohkus News

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How IT solutions can help you manage everything from one place

Information technology solutions are essential for the efficient running of any business, but when they fail, become obsolete, or conflict with other systems, they can prove to be costly and ...

Topics: storage networking security cloud Cyber Security consult deploy email security latest networking solutions

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6 digital tools that can make any business faster and smarter

A business’ success can often rely on the abilities of its IT system. The more we use digital tools, the more management they demand, and the more can go wrong. With a succinct system, careful ...

Topics: storage networking security cloud meggha gdpr consult latest supply networking solutions network security

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10 Essential Data Security Tools Your IT Department Could Be Lost Without

1. Data cleaning Small variations in data and its labelling can make interpreting and extrapolating difficult. Data cleaning removes misspellings and differences, no matter how small, to make your ...

Topics: security gdpr consult deploy manage project management data security

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5 Ways Cloud Services Could Make Your Business More Efficient

Around 88% of UK businesses are using some form of cloud technology to optimise their business operations. 250 IT decision-makers in large and small companies were surveyed, and both groups are ...

Topics: storage featured security cloud meggha cloud services consult deploy latest manage

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5 Data Security Features Your IT Department Needs To Protect From Cyber Attacks

Your business’ data is one of its most valuable assets, whether it’s customer data, financial information or details about your staff. Data theft is often partly a result of negligence, so ...

Topics: networking security Cyber Security gdpr consult deploy latest manage networking solutions

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Upgrading security to embrace cloud

Cisco Cloud Security products maximise your existing investments Everyone recognises that old security models that concentrated solely on data within the perimeter are now obsolete. As more ...

Topics: security cloud cisco

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Data privacy with US tech firms under scrutiny again

Microsoft is again doing battle to protect the privacy of its customers where data is located outside the US.

Topics: security cloud Microsoft cloud security

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Cisco Email Security named Top Player on Radicati’s Market Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2017

Billions of corporate messages flow back and forth on a daily basis. And with over 90% of breaches starting with an email, organisations today face a daunting challenge when choosing the best email ...

Topics: networking security cisco cloud security cisco partnership networking solutions

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