Cisco Email Security Ranked as Leading Player in Radicati’s Market Quadrant

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Published 27-Feb-2018 10:13:31
Cisco Email Security

Billions of corporate messages flow back and forth on a daily basis. And with over 90% of breaches starting with an email, organisations today face a daunting challenge when choosing the best email security solution to stop emails with phishing links or malicious attachments that unleash ransomware, phishing or business email compromise attacks. Securing the most important business communication tool is a tall order indeed. This is why we’re proud to share that Cisco Email Security has been named Top Player on Radicati’s Market Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways 2017 for the second consecutive year.

After analysing a total of 16 vendors, Radicati chose Cisco Email Security as the best solution. Radicati analysts looked closely at the breadth and depth of each product’s capabilities. What made the difference? Our multi-layer approach with best-in-class capabilities that include:

Superior threat intelligence: Talos is Cisco solution’s foundation and one of the world’s most comprehensive real-time threat detection networks. Talos analyses 600 billion emails daily and correlates data from the best intelligence feeds and from all points in the attack kill chain for a comprehensive view of the attack landscape. With over 250 threat researchers, Talos detects and blocks more threats and prevents zero-hour attacks by continually updating our customers’ email security solutions.

Advanced threat protection:

Radicati also highlighted Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), which protects Cisco Email Security customers from threats like ransomware, hidden in malicious attachments. What’s particularly powerful about AMP on Email Security is that it’s part of a broader ecosystem that enables Email Security customers to see more threats in more places. For example, if an AMP for Endpoints customer in Germany receives a new malicious file, that file will be blocked when an Email Security customer in Australia subsequently receives the same file. This is effective security – the ability to see a threat once and block it everywhere.

Deep URL Analytics:

Cisco Email Security is not a point product. The solution leverages threat telemetry not available to other vendors. Cisco industry-leading web security portfolio, including Umbrella, gives an edge with superior URL intelligence. What this means for customers is that Cisco's solution drops emails with risky links before they reach users’ inboxes. But with real-time click time analysis, even websites that change to a malicious behaviour will be blocked. Either way, customers are protected against attacks that involve risky links such as phishing or business email compromise.

Radicati also pointed out that with Cisco Email Security customers don’t compromise on features because the same features are available whether you’re an organisation with ten thousand or one hundred users. Plus, customers can transition to the cloud at their own pace – changing the number of on-premises versus cloud users is easy.

In addition to these best-in-class capabilities and deployment flexibility, Radicati noted that Cisco Email Security has a compelling vision for the future that addresses customer needs in the evolving threat landscape. Security is a top priority for Cisco and this means continuous investment in Cisco Email Security and their best of breed portfolio that becomes more powerful and effective every day. In the constant race against threats the only way to stay ahead of attackers is securing your #1 attack vector with the best email security solution.

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