Evaluate the strength of your mobile security in 4 steps

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Published 12-Jan-2018 15:02:18
Evaluate the strength of your mobile security in 4 steps

 More than half of enterprise organisations encounter security and compliance issues during mobile deployment efforts.

1. Take a look closer.

Do your policies need updating?

 Mobile technology moves fast, so the security plans you make today could easily be outdated tomorrow. Make sure that whatever policies you are enforcing on mobile devices today can keep up with the security concerns emerging technologies can throw your way. 

2. Detect all risks.

Do your current solutions detect both known and unknown threats?
It's easy to detect vulnerabilities and threats we know about, but it's much harder to identify the ones we've yet to see. Solutions you use should look at suspicious behaviors for key indicators of previously unknown attacks.

3. Complete mobile security stack.

Do the security solutions you're using integrate with existing systems. 
Marrying what you already have with complementary new solutions is a great way to extend their life and protect your investment. Advanced mobile security should be woven into these systems for maximum protection. 

4. Cover all your bases.

Do you manage a platform or patchwork?

Keeping employees productive and secure requires unified and comprehensive mobile security that protects devices, networks and apps. Doing so helps ensure your sensitive business data remains safe no matter how or from where it's accessed. 

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