How IT Solutions Simplify Centralised Management

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Published 17-Apr-2018 14:08:09
How IT solutions help you manage everything from one place

Information technology solutions are essential for the efficient running of any business, but when they fail, become obsolete, or conflict with other systems, they can prove to be costly and time-consuming. By choosing your IT solutions carefully, your business can begin to manage everything efficiently in one place, reduce costs, and adapt to future demands.

A hybrid approach to storage

Storing data on your premises might feel safe and secure, but the cloud environment actually offers far more assurance. Devices are regularly lost and corrupted, and businesses can suffer fire damage and theft, so important data needs to have a home in the cloud. This is just as accessible as storing data on a physical device.

The cloud adoption rate in the UK was 88% in March 2017, and likely to be even higher a year later. Over half take a ‘hybrid approach’, meaning they use both remote cloud storage and physical data centre storage for their business. The more diverse your storage, the more likely you are to be able to restore it safely. We’ve helped businesses set up their cloud infrastructures from scratch, and migrated thousands of enterprise users to cloud services that suit their needs.

Simplify complex IT environments

When systems and software are upgraded at different stages, many businesses find their infrastructure becomes increasingly complicated and difficult to manage. Clear architecture means technology is fit for purpose, future-proofed, and within budget. This can include server management, storage, network management, and out-of-hours support.

A large business can’t afford to shut down while this takes place, which is why Vohkus seamlessly assume responsibility for a client’s service management and IT infrastructure. Our team manages and tracks all IT assets within an organisation and manages third parties on your behalf.

Migrate to systems that suit all your needs

Multiple programmes and systems may seem necessary, but some will overlap and others will leave major gaps in your business’ capabilities. Some programmes need to be archived, but it’s a major task to determine which should stay and which should go.

Vohkus consider a business’ needs and consults with them to consolidate their systems until they’re as efficient as they can possibly be. We manage everything from implementation to migration and future management. Our strategic partnerships with major global brands like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE and HPI mean we can execute world-class system updates.

If one element of your infrastructure fails, your team will usually need to liaise with their support staff. If another element managed by someone else needs attention, you’re going to have to raise even more tickets.

To keep incident management to a minimum, Vohkus act as a service desk and point of contact between your business and your vendors. We can also diagnose and resolve incidents ourselves, which is often far simpler and more affordable than working with the manufacturer themselves. If your business needs to switch to a more reliable vendor within budget, we can use our pre-screened pool of fast and reliable partner brands.

Security that covers all bases

Your business’ network, email communications, and applications, can all be vulnerable to malware and hacking. Cyber attacks affected 46% of 1,523 businesses surveyed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in 2016. The average cost of each attack is £1,570 for small businesses, and £19,600 for large enterprises. Your organisation obviously can’t afford to take costly and dangerous risks, so a joined up and efficient security system, which covers every possible gap, is essential.

Vohkus can help protect the content of emails leaving and entering your business, the strength of your firewalls, and efficiency of your applications.


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