How much are you really spending on print?

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Published 31-Jan-2017 14:48:55
How much are you really spending on print?

Maintaining anything but the simplest printing environment can be surprisingly expensive. 

If you have an enterprise with multiple sites and a massive network of printers to maintain under different supplier contracts the costs soon mount up.

In many organisations anything between one and three per cent of turnover is spent on print, but because that spend is often piecemeal – on support, toners and hardware – companies don’t realise what they are spending or what they can potentially save by moving to a managed service.

Vohkus introduced its managed print solutions over ten years ago. In our customers’ experience a managed print solution can save, on average, around 40 per cent of print costs – and that cost then becomes visible and transparent, directly affecting the bottom line.

For many organisations Vohkus designs consolidated solutions, using larger devices that are cheaper to run and easier to maintain, but for others (for example where space is limited), a larger quantity of smaller printers may be necessary. Beside cost savings, our clients report saving countless hours of down time, technical headaches and management distraction.

How does it work?

What is a managed print solution? Essentially, it’s taking away all the hassle of maintaining your printer fleet, ensuring the right consumables are available at the right time, and making sure service engineers are ready to attend within pre-agreed timescales. This is all simplified into a simple unified contract.

Vohkus’s solution automatically places consumables purchase orders before they are needed. You can track usage and modify/add additional items through your own portal. This service gives you complete flexibility when it comes to buying one off products, but also delivers cost savings through run rate consumables being taken care of with minimal intervention.

The print environment is often the bane of the IT manager’s life. You will no longer have to place and raise multiple purchase orders, and Vohkus can provide vendor level engineering support with tailor made SLAs. Whatever situation arises, Vohkus has you covered, and your IT staff are freed up to spend their time more productively.

Managed print in action

Vohkus is vendor agnostic, so we have complete flexibility over choosing a solution to fit your individual business needs.

Our simple billing system makes it easy for you to plan your budget. As part of the managed print solution we will set customers up with a free additional toolset and specific software to give them greater control of their fleet, as well as enabling them to monitor all networked devices.

Vohkus can implement access controls to allow better management of print consumption. Staff can print anywhere to any device, and IT can monitor who’s printing what.

If the situation demands it, we can tailor the SLA to suit your needs; for example one of our implementations for a cruise line means that out-of-hours servicing and consumables delivery can be scheduled for when the ships are in port.

Once a managed print solution is implemented, we schedule regular reviews for continuous improvement.


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