Stay Compliant Using HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

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Published 01-Feb-2017 17:50:30
Remain compliant with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

It’s a truism that your security policy is only as strong as the weakest link. 

You probably have robust policies for server security, desktop and laptop security and mobile security, but it’s possible you may not be applying the same rigour to your print estate.

Many firms overlook the security dangers inherent in unsecured modern print networks. HP JetAdvantage Security Manager can help ensure you remain compliant at all times, with minimal user intervention.

Print and copy security is often overlooked

Security is a major topic in the IT space right now. Organisations of all sizes are looking at their setup in forensic detail, trying to minimise the risk of a data leak or security breach.

Often, the print and copy estate can be overlooked or underestimated as a point of entry for potential hackers. The feature set required for modern printers and MFPs means that these devices are like mini-servers, sat on the network. They are connected to the email server, authenticate users using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), and integrate directly into file systems and document storage repositories. Nearly all an organisation's sensitive data will at some point be printed from or scanned into one of these devices.

Restricting this threat by fully configuring a device to be as secure as it can be has been possible for a long time. But it has always been a manual, time-consuming process, and whilst a device is unsecured, your security policy is exposed. If you have to apply a 150-setting security template to over 100 machines, what impact will this have to your available resource?

With JetAdvantage Security Manager, you can assess the fleet as it currently exists, and use that to create a security policy baseline compliant with the standards and regulations that govern your business. This can then be applied to all devices on the network at the push of a button. Whenever a new device appears on the network, it is assessed and updated within seconds, meaning your fleet remains as secure as it can be at all times.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager also ensures your devices are complying with security policies by providing ongoing assessments and automated remediation. The built-in reporting engine allows you to create compliance reports for audits or governance fundamentals, giving you the confidence you are in line with requirements with minimal input required.

Vohkus Workspace solutions team express their opinion,

“No other vendor on the market offers a solution that can ensure your security policy remains in place at all times from a centralised solution. It's rare to see a vendor release a product that creates a brand new category of solution, but that is precisely what HP has managed with the release of JetAdvantage Security Manager.”


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