Act Now on Disaster Recovery - Timing is Critical!

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Published 01-Jun-2017 14:22:50
Disaster Recovery - Don't leave it too late!

Data is the business currency of the 21st century; Amazon proved a company could make billions, a penny at a time, by operationalising enterprise data – that is, by making customer data available in real time for decision-making, for your associates, and in the hands of your customers.

Data management 

Technology continues to drive and define the data revolution, as the digital age evolves businesses dictate and shape their applications of tomorrow. Change is the only constant, advances in mobile, social, e-commerce; personalisation and cyber-security are only accelerating – ergo compounding the digital deluge of unstructured data.

What is your digital footprint

If the network is the heart of your IT infrastructure, data is the blood coursing through it. Hardware comes and goes, but the data which flows through it can never be replaced. Not all data is equal and should be backed up and managed accordingly; static data should ideally be archived, searchable and accountable if requested by regulatory bodies. Data is the keystone to a diligent disaster recovery strategy, in conjunction with solid governance and enforced processes and policies.
In the virtual world, server consolidation and virtual desktop have changed storage performance criteria’s forever, spawning new approaches built from the ground up to address the IO requirements of the future. PCI-E and Flash Technologies are the new kids on the block and can provide the same performance in 4U as the current disk based arrays serve through 18 x 42U racks – with a fraction of operation expenses associated with towers of spinning platters.

The right disaster recovery solutions for you

Whether you require the analytical power of big data, all Flash high performance databases or conversely low cost, high capacity storage, our vendor neutral ethos paves the way to truly agnostic consultation and best of need advice, based on the current storage market. 


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