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How AI and Cloud Computing Can Enhance Performance in Law Enforcement

  Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and ...


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data centre

How AI and Cloud Computing Can Enhance Performance in Law Enforcement

  Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and predictive technology have been around for a while now, but it’s only recently that we’re seeing such a wide range of businesses adopting the ...

Topics: cloud cloud infrastructure data centre public sector ai

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Dell EMC VxRail: 6 Ways to Transform Your Data Centre with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

  As businesses seek to build more modern IT environments to empower their workforce, it’s important to choose solutions that leave room for agility and growth. This is where hyperconvergence comes ...

Topics: HyperConverged VMware Dell EMC data centre hyperconvergence

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Understanding different HCI architectures

What are the differences between competing vendors’ approaches to HCI, and what makes NetApp HCI so compelling?

Topics: storage data centre netapp hci hyper converged netapp partnership

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Public cloud disaster recovery strategies from NetApp

Where does ONTAP Cloud fit in the NetApp portfolio, and how can it help make public cloud DR more efficient?

Topics: Data Centre Solutions cloud DR disaster recovery data centre storage solutions netapp

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Are on-premises hardware purchases really set to surge?

Financial Services giant Morgan Stanley has cited reasons why demand for on-premises hardware is set to escalate, but a new user survey couldn’t be more contradictory.

Topics: Data Centre Solutions storage cloud meggha data centre

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3 Major Issues Data Centres Confront and How to Overcome Them

More and more of the UK and Ireland is being covered with whirring, humming rooms full of servers and data storage. Businesses that rely heavily on IT, attract a high number of users or visitors, and ...

Topics: data centre

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HPE Gen10 servers: What you should know

Match performance to applications with secure industry standard servers HPE announced its new Gen10 servers in June 2017, and we’ve eagerly awaited our first shipments because the new features in ...

Topics: Data Centre Solutions servers HPE data centre

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14G servers | A close look at Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G servers

An all-round family to meet every need “Our modern infrastructure solutions are a game changer in today's digital economy. With our cyber-resilient architecture and performance innovations, we will ...

Topics: servers HyperConverged Dell EMC data centre

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Backup strategies for the modern data centres

Backup products have had to adapt Think of backup and you probably picture long overnight batch jobs – possibly still to tape – with recovery times that are not really up to scratch in terms of ...

Topics: security HPE backup disaster recovery Microsoft Azure data centre Veeam

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Uncovering the truth about Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

The ‘software defined data centre’ (SDDC), is the end result of a long process of virtualising computer, networking and storage systems. Unlike pure cloud you’re still deploying your own hardware but ...

Topics: Microsoft VMware virtualisation SDDC data centre

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