Enhancing Security for Cloud Adoption

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Published 27-Feb-2018 10:43:21
Upgrading security to embrace the cloud

Cisco Cloud Security products maximise your existing investments

Everyone recognises that old security models that concentrated solely on data within the perimeter are now obsolete. As more applications and servers move into the cloud to take advantage of cost savings, scalability, and accessibility, many organisations have lost some of the visibility and control they once had, and they don’t know who is doing what and when in the cloud.

So if your data is hosted in the cloud, do you know what information is there, who’s accessing it, where it’s going, whether it’s being exfiltrated, and so on? Surveys indicate over one-quarter of all corporate traffic will bypass perimeter security by 2021 and that one-third of successful cyber-attacks will originate via shadow IT by 2020.

But it’s not realistic – or necessary – to completely overhaul existing security infrastructures. Instead, additional protection that extends existing security investments off premises needs to seamlessly integrate with current security layers, so your employees are protected anywhere they work – and on any device. And that’s where Cisco Cloud Security can help.

Cisco Cloud Security products provide additional protection that extends current investments and integrates seamlessly to provide protection outside the traditional corporate network. And of course Cisco Cloud Security can help you demonstrate compliance with GDPR and any other regulatory needs.

Centralised control

You will certainly have traditional perimeter firewalls in place, but you may be struggling to identify the best value approach to maintaining security across multiple clouds and apps. As employees, applications, and data move beyond the perimeter, IT teams need to be able to simply and effectively manage security from one single place. You need complete visibility and control for all internet activity, including traffic to bespoke and SaaS cloud applications so you can remain protected against internal and external threats, like malware, compromised accounts, and data breaches.

With Cisco Cloud Security you get that control and you can apply threat responses on or off the corporate network. You’ll have reliable intelligence that enables you to identify, respond to, and protect against potential threats faster and earlier — and a way to enforce this intelligence whatever network your staff are using.

Unlike traditional perimeter solutions, Cisco Cloud Security blocks threats over all ports and protocols for comprehensive coverage. Cisco Cloud Security also uses API-based integrations so you can amplify your existing security investments. Cisco Cloud Security is simple to use and deploy, so you can start defending your organisations in minutes.

Key components

There’s a lot to Cisco Cloud Security, so talk to Vohkus if you’re interested in free demos and trials. Here are a few of the most important product highlights.


The world’s first secure internet gateway provides the visibility needed to protect internet access across all devices on the network, all office locations, and roaming users. Umbrella can identify which SaaS apps are being accessed and enforce policies to block risky or inappropriate apps. And, by integrating with a Cloudlock (below) there’s even more visibility and control for usage and data.

  • Visibility and enforcement on and off network.
  • Protection over all ports and protocols.
  • Open platform for easy integration.
  • Live threat intelligence.
  • Proxy and file inspection.
  • Discovery and control of SaaS.

If you have roaming users, sales executives or remote workers who use business or BYOD tablets, laptops and smartphones for accessing corporate data you should look at Cisco Umbrella.


Email Security for Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has become the standard productivity platform and an attractive target for attackers; over 90% of breaches start with email. Gain a robust layer of defence against ransomware, business email compromise, phishing, and more with Cisco Email Security.

  • Integrates easily to detect and block more threat
  • Automatic intelligence updates every five minutes from Cisco Talos.
  • URL intelligence block risky links and access to newly-infested sites.
  • Mailbox auto-remediation to combat ransomware.


Stealthwatch Cloud

Stealthwatch Cloud offers easy-to-deploy passive network security monitoring. Protect cloud assets and private networks, improve security and incident response, detect threats in real time, reduce false positives, and gain actionable security intelligence to make your security team more efficient.

  • Deploy in minutes, not hours.
  • Use in any environment – on-premises, private cloud, or public cloud such as AWS.
  • Easily monitor organisation for compliance with governing regulations.
  • Delivered as a service – no specialised hardware or software agents needed.
  • Automatically detects early indicators of compromise, including insider threat activity, multi-staged attacks, policy violations, misconfigured cloud assets, and user error and misuse.

If you’re struggling to monitor, analyse and respond to all the data captured from your clouds you need a simple management visibility portal – Stealthwatch.



Cisco Cloudlock is a cloud-native cloud access security broker (CASB) and cloud cybersecurity platform. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies based on multiple factors, and protects users, data, and apps across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS by orchestrating security across existing investments.

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) technology continuously monitors cloud environments to detect and secure sensitive information.

  • Apps Firewall discovers and controls cloud apps connected to corporate environment.

  • Includes many out-of-the-box policies as well as highly tunable custom policies.

The director of IT Security at Avanade points out that “the biggest benefit Cloudlock provides for us is visibility into what users are doing, what they are storing up in the cloud, and being able to keep ourselves out of hot water. We don't want news channel moments.”

If you already use a mix of cloud solutions, public and private/hybrid, and are struggling to manage all of those to a consistent standard you should consider Cloudlock.


Why work with Vohkus for Cisco Cloud Security?

Vohkus is a Cisco Premier Partner providing consulting, implementation and managed services around Cisco’s networking, wireless, mobility, and security products and services. We have direct access to all Cisco’s support teams and systems to help clients quickly and efficiently when they most need it. If you're looking at upgrading security to embrace cloud give our experts a call. 

Our own security practice provides independent services such as pen testing to help customers benchmark their performance and set security goals. We’ve helped everyone from small businesses to global customers upgrade their security using Cisco – in some cases to support thousands of new users.

We can also add a services wrap to ensure customers can install, maintain, support and optimise Cisco Cloud Security alongside our own Vohkus clouds, Azure, AWS and other public/private/hybrid clouds, and on-premises solutions.


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