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Achieve new levels of productivity with a modern desktop

In this blog, we look at why organisations hoping to ...

2020: Microsoft shifting to the future of computing

From January 2020, Microsoft will no longer offer ...


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Achieve new levels of productivity with a modern desktop

In this blog, we look at why organisations hoping to boost productivity should move to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365 and Surface.. 

Topics: workspace security Microsoft microsoft surface

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Communication services for Parole Board of England and Wales

Parole Board staff work remotely and needed to collaborate on documents in real time. Vohkus designed and managed a solution including Office 365, Sharepoint and Skype for Business.

Topics: Microsoft Vohkus News unified communications case study

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Office 365 migration for Home Appliance Guard

Home Appliance Guard is a leader in UK home appliance insurance and warranties. The company employs around 200 staff and has three offices in the south of England.

Topics: Microsoft Vohkus News case study

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Data privacy with US tech firms under scrutiny again

Microsoft is again doing battle to protect the privacy of its customers where data is located outside the US.

Topics: security cloud Microsoft cloud security

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Uncovering the truth about Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC)

The ‘software defined data centre’ (SDDC), is the end result of a long process of virtualising computer, networking and storage systems. Unlike pure cloud you’re still deploying your own hardware but ...

Topics: Microsoft VMware virtualisation SDDC data centre

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Is Office 365 cloud-based email suitable for my business?

By October 2016 it had become clear there was nothing on the horizon that could halt the stratospheric rise of Office 365 for Business. 

Topics: software workspace security cloud Microsoft Office 365 migration

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How Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection can protect your business

Microsoft continues to introduce sophisticated new features for Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (formerly Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection). 

Topics: software datacentre security Microsoft Office 365 backup advanced threat protection

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